Why Not Combine Loved Ones Day Care And Early

Why Not Combine Loved Ones Day Care And Early

Rather than leave one's children in a day care that only houses them, why not choose family day care that includes an early learning experience? Mission Australia Early Learning is a Family day care facility that offers children care and nurture along with age appropriate education. This not for profit child care choice offers families another kind of care for their children while they are at work. This choice may help children be better prepared for school when the time comes.

Where is this family day care model available? There are facilities in Queensland, ACT, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, and the Northern Territory. There are lots of locations for families to take advantage of this early childhood teacher opportunity.

How can a family check it out or enroll children? Contact a local center or make a general inquiry to find out how the facility is run and what costs are involved. Then, book a tour of the nearest facility to see if it is right for the child. Next, find out about availability and if possible enroll the child. This provider of child care offers long day care, kindergarten, and out of school hours care. All of these can be important to parents who work outside the home.

What is the approach this child care facility uses? This organization believes that four elements are equally important in the happiness and development of a child. They are education, community, environment, and nutrition. They believe that a child's learning begins at birth and that each stage of learning and experience forms a foundation for the next stage of learning. The first five years can be the time of greatest learning and brain development. These years should not be wasted but used to develop skills and knowledge, as well as a love of learning. Children who are encouraged to learn in these formative years have a head start in life and will do better in school.

Parents who want their children to have the best start in life and learning can choose this model of day care for their children as they work. To know that one's children are being well cared for, well fed, and educated is a great feeling for a working parent. Knowing that the program has been shaped by qualified early childhood professionals and is highly ranked in Australia is another positive factor in choosing this form of early child care. For more information, please go to the website now.