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Can There Be Any Very Clear Answer To How Long A

Can There Be Any Very Clear Answer To How Long A

Does anyone really know if their furnace will last a 10 years or 50 years? There's a very good chance a homeowner does not have any idea how long it will last. There are many things a homeowner can do to help their furnace last as long as possible. Older furnaces are not very energy efficient. Although they tend to continue to operate for many years, their usage of fuel is usually very high. For many homeowners, this high cost is not worth operating an older furnace and consider contacting an HVAC company that deals with new heating installation.

The older furnaces usually last longer because the heat exchanger located inside of a furnace was made of cast iron. Newer furnaces are made of metal. The constant heat from the furnace wears down the metal and it will eventually crack. This crack can result in carbon monoxide entering a home. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas which can make occupants of the home very ill or even cause death. One way to avoid this type of catastrophe within a home is to have a yearly maintenance check on the furnace. It is best to choose a NATE certified technician to perform the maintenance. A NATE certified technician is highly trained in every area of heating and air conditioning repair.

Older furnaces can last for upwards of 50 years, but their efficiency is only around 70%. This means 30 cents of every dollar is exiting the home through the chimney. A air ducts cleaning of an older furnace can pay for itself in a very short amount of time. The average life of a furnace is about 15-20 years. Extending the life of a furnace as long as possible can also be helped by a homeowner keeping moisture from the area that the furnace is located. When a basement is very damp, the heat exchanger can begin to rust. This rust will flake off when the furnace is operating and become airborne. It can affect the breathing of the occupants within the home.

If a furnace is making strange noises, squealing or isn't keeping a home warm, a technician may suggest that the owner needs a new Furnace installation performed. After inspecting the furnace there may not be any other option especially if the heat exchanger has become cracked. Only a trained and certified technician at Enviro Air HVAC can determine if the heat exchanger is still intact. Don't let winter catch you by surprise and leave your home cold. Contact them today.